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Manufacturing plastic moulds: our customized solutions

Experience, technology, logistics: every element contributes to the construction of moulds for components used in various sectors such as home appliance, automotive, electronics and so on. We have a network of qualified suppliers, built to obtain maximum flexibility and ensure both the accuracy of the product’s delivery times and the best quality / price ratio.

All phases of the mould production process are supervised by UNICA MMP:  starting from the delivery of the 3D files (of either the design or the prototype), the product development in co-design with the customer to optimize the functionality, aesthetics and productivity , the mould’s design, following UNICA MMP’s Mould Construction Specifications (sizing, types of steel and heat treatment, standard mould parts, type of injection, ect.), approval and control of the project, the production of the mould and , lastly,  the final product tests and approval.