Special processing

Solutions for every need: manufacturing plastic objects

Our main goals are listening to the customer, offering our experience and our technology and covering all the customer’s needs. For this, we network with qualified suppliers to make sure the client is completely satisfied with the final product.

We can also help the customer in the production of special items through a network of specialized partners: we ensure high quality results in aspects such as spray paint, vacuum-sealed metallization and electro plating.

Spray painting

Coating is the last phase in the aesthetic processes of the product. Thus skill and mastery are fundamental. Coating, in fact, helps to enhance the product as well as protect it from wearing out.

Vacuum-sealed metallization

Metallization applied to plastics is an aesthetic / functional treatment similar to chrome plating, but has the great advantage of versatility, resistance and reduced environmental impact.

Sputter plating

Sputter plating or sputtering is an innovative technique to colour the products. It consists of Physical Steam Deposition that allows to obtain a coloured, firm and compact surface, improving anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, anti-printing proprieties and greater transparency.

Electro plating

It’s a technique used to obtain a glossy finish on plastic parts when they are preferred to metallic materials due to the lower weight, the greater flexibility or the easier fabrication. 

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